Blizzard enforce hard cap on guild membership.

Apparently, Blizzard don’t want their Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to be too massive and are limiting guilds to a hard cap on members.

This affects a number of super-massive guilds, like Alea Iacta Est on US-Earthen Ring Horde, Taint on US-Proudmoore Horde, Goonsquad and my own PC Gamer Guild on EU-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde.

More surprisingly, is the fact that many members of most of these guilds raised their concerns on the official Blizzard forums, and immediately, the normal denizens of the forums shot down their concerns as “without merit”.

The one thing to take away from that is the members of the “Super-Massive Guilds”, who according to Blizzard take up “less than 0.01%” of guilds feel that the guild, to them is a form of extended family and many wouldn’t continue playing if not for the guild that welcomed them. It seems that to the malcontents who cry everytime that Blizzard change their class a little think that it’s OK to alienate a community that enjoys its game as a community. And because this community is a community of malcontents who are very very vocal.

So the malcontents will win this one. And that is sad.