Gaelcon, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Deathroll All The Things!

So I’m back from Gaelcon, with a top half finish. This was my first top half finish in a tournament ever! Dead chuffed with that.

Read on for more.

I brought Deathrollas and Nob Bikers.

Specifically, I brought the following:

  • Warboss on a Bike, Claw, Squig, Cybork, Twin Linked Shoota
  • Nob Bikers:
  • Painboy, Cybork, Bike
  • Nob, Claw, Cybork, Bike, Waaagh Banner
  • Nob, Twin Linked Shoota, Bike, Cybork, Bosspole
  • Nob, Combi-Skorcha, Bike, Cybork
  • Nob, Combi-Shoota, Bike, Cybork
  • Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
  • Battlewagon with Deathrolla, 2x Big Shootas, Red paint job – Three of these!
  • 19 Shoota Boys, with a Nob and Claw and Pole and a Big Shoota – Three of these too. Guess where they went? 😀
  • 7 Lootas – Two Squads of these.
  • One Deffkopta with Twin Linked Rokkits.

The List came to 1747 points.

I ended up 25th of 54, so all in all, great result.

I had 5 great games, losing the first 2, winning the rest.

I had 2 games with one lad, Mike, from Arkham Gaming Center. Lovely games, even if I despise Falcons with holofields and spirit stones. 😀

How to roll to miss with 5's and 6's
How to roll to miss with 5's and 6's. Thanks Mike!

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