2011: The Year of Getting Stuff Did.

So. We’re now into 2012. Time for the old retrospective post, eh?

Read on for more!

Right, so what did 2011 mean?

Well, I went by the doctrine of “Get Stuff Done”. And Stuff, did indeed, get done.

I set myself a reasonable amount of goals, and set about achieving them.

Personal Life wise, I set a goal of losing weight. I didn’t set a goal weight, as my schedule doesn’t make things easy. However, the end result of gentle exercise, diet change and portion control has been about a stone and a half weight loss and nearly 4.5 inches from my waist line. From 42 inches down to 38 inches.

Gaming wise, I wanted to paint more. I did this. I completed my Skibbcon army, on time, and under budget! I expanded the Orks, with 3 wagons and lots of more boys. I completed the Forgeworld Warboss on a Bike. I experimented with Finecast and painted a Big Mek (quite well, I must say).

Computer Gaming: Well. I managed my goals quite well there. In most respects.

xBox: Played that way more than I expected. Only game I bought was Space Marine, cos well…

Wii: Definitely most used console this year. Bought Zelda. In an abusive relationship with that game! 😀

PC: Where to start?

WoW: Leveled the DK to currently 83 and the Paladin started in Cata Patch to 73. No new alts started but place holder toons.

Steam: Here’s where it breaks down a bit… I didn’t buy anything after Portal 2. Until late November, when I treated myself to a rogue-like crawler. Then Valve had the new year sale. :'( Lots of excellent games gotten, cheaply too!


So, overall. 2011 was a successful year. Now to plan out 2012’s goals!

Have fun folks!