Warpcon 2012: Day 2: Saturday

So, Saturday morning I rocked on up to the Student Center in UCC to get my pass and register. Due to delays with the opening of the center it was about 19.15 when I pitched up to the 40K registration.

This time, the delays were on UCC’s side, not the WARPs Trolls.
Between IT hiccups and general Saturday morning confusion, the games kicked off around 10.30. Warpcon 2012 was being played with the new ETC Primary and Secondary mission objectives.

Game 1: Vs Ryan McMullen (Warheads) – Space Wolves

Game 1 had a primary objective of Seize ground, with 3 objectives spaced evenly along the center line of table. The secondary objective was capture and control, with the control zones being each deployment zone.
First round, first game was up against the bane of Nob Bikers. Dual Jaws of the World Wolf Space Wolves list, played by Ryan McMullan of the Warheads. This list was something I nicknamed the “Tuna Can Delivery Service” with everything except the Long Fangs in Rhinos or Razorbacks.
Ryan had 1st turn and managed to get into line of sight with Jaws, taking my Warboss ona Stick- I mean- Bike, out of the game and the Waagh Banner Nob also, bringing the squad down a point of Weapon skill.
Next turn, the other Rune Priest took another 2 nobs, leaving one flamer nob and the painboy to zoom forward. All in all, I was playing definsively with my list, which is what I shouldn’t be doing, as an Ork player. With the loss of my big scary unit of Nob Bikers, I was on the back foot from then on. Simple Saturday morning mistakes like forgetting the red paint job, meaning I couldn’t Death Rolla both razorbacks in one turn, left me playing catch up.
Ryan walked away with a 16 to 4 win to him, with me being almost tabled with 81 points left on the table!


Game 2: Vs Colin Murray (Dublin Gamers Guild) – Chaos
Second round objectives were primary: Annihilation (Killpoints) and secondary: Seize Ground. Colin and myself rolled 5 objectives. I had first turn and Colin failed to seize. Colin had a Dual Lash Prince list with 3 x 3 units of Obliterators, Khorne Berserkers, plague marines and rhinos and a Land Raider.
He promptly hopped the Berserkers into the raider, moved the plague marines flat out and hopped the princes out. He then shot at me. Where I rolled 4-ups like a boss, much to his chagrin. He lashed 1 unit of Lootas partially out of cover, where in my turn they blew the same price out of the water.
The second prince lashed the nob bikers back into terrain, where I sat them on an objective. More shooting followed, sniping and high strength taking its oll on the nob bikers. So I retalieated by doing what Death Rolla Orks do best. Crushing everything.
Highlight of the game was one of Colin’s plague marines getting what amounted to moon-sized cajones and death-or-glory-ing and imoobilising 2 Battle Wagons. Thankfully, with grot riggers and a Big Mek, this wasn’t so bad, but plague marines aren’t bothered by 6 Strength 10 hits. (Yes, I forgot death or glory means 2D6.)
Overall, Colin won the killpoints primary, but I managed to draw on secondary, and victory points did’t give enough away for a major drop. I lost 14 to 6 to Colin.


Game 3: Vs Keith (Indie) – Grey Knights
Third round had me up against the current Codex-Du-Jour; Grey Knights. Thankfully it wasn’t Drago-wing or Purifier Spam, but a Mordrak List. My one issue here wasn’t Keith failing to seize or any issues on my part. Nope. It was Mordrak and 5 Ghost Knights dropping behind both Loota Squads, essentially taking my long range weapons out of the game. My Wagons getting wrecked on the halfway line meant I was only that far up, despite having first turn for Dawn war and getting the nobs set up for a turn 2 multicharge.

I knew the nobs and boss were going to die horribly, but the point was deny Keith 2 turns of shooting at Wagons and hopefully get enough boys in his face to stop him getting secondary objective of Capture and control. Primary was kill points and I couldn’t win that unless I tabled him. Game 3 ended in a 16 to 4 win for Keith.


That was day 2, and the first 3 round of warpcon left me around the bottom third. I wasn’t too worried, as this Warpcon had less personality and hungover clashes that have marked recent conventions around the country in the last 2 years.


Warpcon is an Annual Gaming and Sci-Fi Convention, held in Cork’s UCC for local charities and more information can be found at www.warpcon.com

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The Irish Games Associaction can be found at www.gaelcon.com

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