Warpcon 2012: Day 3: Sunday:

Sunday Morning this year was marked by a lack of tiredness on my part, as I didn’t for once, partake of the shananigans that usually revolve around any group of Cork Gamers and a bar. 🙂

Trust me, if you want more info, make friends withe the Skibb Wargamers and the lads from WAC…

Game 4: Vs Emma Lynn (Skibbereen Wargamers) – Orks

My fourth game was against the lovely Emma Lynn from Skibbereen and her 2 wagon Ork List. We were playing a set 5 game objectives for primary and killpoints for secondary. without any kind of prompting we just went for it in the center of the table, as 2 Ork armies should. With little tips going each way: “The Big Mek gives troops a 5 up cover save, Emma.” and “If you spead the 2 units of warbuggies amoung each other, they give each other a cover save.” we had a really fun game, what ended up being the most fun game I had this year at Warpcon.

I concentrated my Lootas on Emma’s and the broke, but rallied, out of line of sigh of anything. Emma broke squads of mine, and I made boys run back, but all in all, it was the painboy nabbing her deff dread that was the game changer. Emma has fantastic models, with the forgeworld Grot tanks standing in for her buggies and the Mega Dread standingin for the normal dread. It turns out, Ork Boys hate Grotzookas almost as much as othjer armies!

We ended with a straight 10-10 draw, with only a 26 point difference in Victory Points separating us.

Game 5: Vs James Carey (Limerick Dice Chuckers) – Eldar

So the final game was Kill points for primary and 2 objectives each for secondary. I played against James Carey of the Limerick lads. I rolled first turn, James failed to seize and reserved everything. Keeping 2 squads of boys sat on my objectives, I proceeded to mosey along to get as much cover and to push towards his objectives, realising that Eldar play the late game objective grab.

James was unlucky with his reserve rolls and came on piecemeal, getting shot at by Lootas and boys. Eldar tanks don’t like being shot at by Nob Bikers, then assaulted I’ve learned. Unlike my games against Arkham’s own Sir_M1ke in Gaelcon, James didn’t have flicker fields, so I was able to hit him this time!

Everytime James opened up with his weapons, I have to admit something died of mine! We ended up with my claiming both of my own objectives and one of his, with James conesting his. Kill points were primary though, and I was ahead by 4 at the end, thanks to Eldrad failing 2 3+ invulnerable saves and the squad he was with being wiped out also. The game ended up being 12-8 to me.

So with 3 losses, 1 draw and 1 win under my belt, plus the list scores, I ended up on 47 points, drawing with club mate and fellow ork player Donal Casey.

The top 3 were: Paul Quigley of the DGG in First, WAC’s own Dan ‘True Story’ Ahen in Second and the Warhead’s Alec in Third.

Additionally, funds were raised through various events for the Irish ETC team, and prize support was done by Gamer’s World, The Gathering and the IGA.

Warpcon is an Annual Gaming and Sci-Fi Convention, held in Cork’s UCC for local charities and more information can be found at www.warpcon.com

Anthony Sharpe is a gamer, IT Tech and Corkman. His ramblings can be occasionally be found at this very blog.

He is a member of the Wargamers Association of Cork, whose members can be found on Wargaming Ireland, at www.w-ired.org.

WAC can also be found (loudly) at many events (and bars) around the country with their sister club the Skibb Wargamers, who have a presence at www.skibbwargamers.blogspot.com

The Irish Games Associaction can be found at www.gaelcon.com

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