2012: The Year I Get More Stuff Did

So. 2012. We’re a full month into it and by now I’ve crystallised most of what I want to achieve for the year. As last year, I’m documenting most of it here so I have a reminder and some place to track it.

One improvement I want to definitely get more done on is more progress on this here blog. With a lot more views from the gaming community, I intend posting more thoughts and opinions. With that in mind, I’ve separated my goals into 3 major areas again: Wargaming; Video Gaming and Personal. This year, I’m also adding a fourth: PC General Goals.

Wargaming Goals for 2012:

  • Finish stripping the marines. Those poor buggers have been sitting in clear Savlon for about 18 months now. Thankfully it doesn’t damage the plastics.
  • Paint said marines.
  • Assemble and Paint the Tau units I have.
  • Finish all outstanding Ork Models.
  • Play more games on Thursdays with different armies and codexes
  • Borrow Armies to see how they play.

Video Gaming Goals for 2012:

  • Play more of the games in my Steam Account.
  • Don’t buy any new games!* (*This doesn’t count if its a Valve release or if its something to do with WoW)
  • Level more characters in WoW

Personal Goals for 2012:

  • Lose more weight. I’ve lost about a stone and a half since June last year!
  • Walk more. This one I’ve been doing since January, walking the dog every morning before work. I’ve missed a fw days, but no more than 5, and never more than 1 in a row.
  • Save more money. Obviously, buying less shiny toys for 40K and less Vidja Games will help this.
  • Improve my PC skills. One sad part of my job is that I only deal with Macs. This means that my Windows and *nix skills are degrading. This leads nicely into this years 4th category:

PC General and Skills Goals for 2012:

  • Program more.
  • Learn different languages.
  • Install FreeBSD
  • Install Ubuntu
  • Install Windows XP
  • Re-install Windows 7
  • Clear the cruft from the drives and re-organise them.

Programming wise, I’ve had a cross-over idea for a Tournament Score system I want to program, more to get me back programming than to actually be useful. And I plan to blog about the development of that here also, to give some insight into how my brain works. Obviously, due to things like work, time with family and trips, it won’t be an always on time thing, but we’ve 12 months to get by.

See you soon!