A new Direction? Or maybe just a clearer idea of where we’re headed…

OK, so looking back, a blog post in February on a blog that occasionally deals with the topic of Getting Things Done?
Great way to showcase that… 😀

Anyway, It has been a while, so I may just get right to it.

OK, so a quick recap:

March: Hooooboy. March Madness. With work deciding to give me lots of early starts, being tired in the evening is a really good feeling, but isn’t as productive as anyone would like. Still…
April: More of the same.
May: I actually started some things this month! Amazeballs! I finally did some DB work on a project I’ve had floating in my head for about 5 years now. I also jotted down some ideas for stories and did a few organisational things for work that set me up for a few nice things down the line.

Now that the quick recap is done, you may have noticed some small changes to the site. Well, I’ve been reading Wil Wheaton’s amazing site for fun, but that man is so inspiring its actually contagious. 😛

So, the changes? Right. Sorry. Sidetracked. OK, while I will still be posting my noobish 40K painting and gaming stuff and “opinion” pieces, I’ve decided I’ll also post pieces of fiction I’ve written, experiments in code, experiments in baking, well, in fact. Anything I’d like.

I mean, the domain is mine. The content I post is usually mine. And frankly, I need the outlet. There are a few things I need to put in writing first:

  • First and Best Rule: Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a Dick.
  • That bears repeating: Seriously, don’t be a dick.
  • Where I work:
    • I work in Apple, in Cork in Ireland. Its a pretty OK place to work, but this site won’t be an evangelical platform for or against the company. If you don’t like it, please leave now. This is simply because, ya know, paychecks. I like getting them, and I want to continue that practice.
    • Unless specifically mentioned, all views here are mine, not Apple’s, not my Boss’, not my Boss’ Boss’, not their dogs.
    • Unless I actually use and think a certain piece of kit is amazing, I won’t post about it.
    • I don’t do rumours. Either re-posting or starting. Don’t ask if you’re partial to being offended.
  • General:
    • Don’t expect to be entertained with every. single. post. Quite simply, this my site, I post what I want.
    • I don’t do PR for crap items.
    • I do swear a little. My wonderful girlfriend will actually say I swear a lot. Depends on context and sensitivity I suppose. Some obviously NSFW posts will be tagged.
    • I will delete comments that start flames and I won’t accept spam.
    • For comments, follow Wheaton’s Law: Don’t be a Dick.
    • If you don’t like certain sections or types of post and I specifically ask for feedback, I’ll take it into consideration. The rest of the time? Unless its a reasonable argument, skip those types of post. That’s why I try to tag everything.
    • I will arbitrarily close comments if I feel I don’t want comments on things. Don’t push me on this. See the first point.
    • I can program. I’m not fantastic, and its been years since I’ve done stuff. I’m not Notch. Thankfully! 😀
    • I can bake. Not as well as my mum and sister, but no one has died yet. Yet…
    • I play boardgames, Warhammer 40K, WoW, and Video Games.
    • I definitely identify as a gamer, but like all in that broad label, I tend to draw lines on my fandom.
    • I’m verbose when I want to be. (As if you hadn’t noticed…)
    • I try my damnedest to live by rule 1, but frankly, unless you know me, and I’m not winding you up, I’m a nice guy. Piss me off though, and I become this HUUUUUGE a$$hole. That said, If I’m acting that way to you, you more than likely did something to deserve it.
    • I cannot stand people who do dumb sh!t in traffic and expect to be forgiven, or worse, expect to be let get away with it. Traffic laws need a rewrite, I think…

OK, thats that out of the way. To business, newness and a clearer direction into chaos await us, humble reader! Onward, if you dare! 😀