Review: 4Ground Pre-painted, Laser cut, Gaming Terrain.

First off; The product I’m reviewing I purchased myself, so I didn’t get a freebie or anything else.
Second, blame Wee Ivor and the lads over at Wee Gamers for this. 😛
Thirdly; I’ve no WIP pics, as I didn’t think to use them. When I get my next batch in, I’ll start taking them.
But to be fair, the pics up at 4Ground will do better justice than I would. Realistically though, you need to see these things in the flesh!

Now to business. At Warpcon 23; (Review due: Soon TM); I picked up 1 Right hand side non-ruined, a middle ruined and left hand ruined buildings in 28mm scale from 4Ground, a UK based gaming terrain manufacturer.
They also have 15mm and cover periods from Ancient era, right through to WW2.

These are all pre-painted, requiring assembly and gluing to build. The level of skill required is about the same as a moderate 40K Kit, possibly less, depending on your manually dexterity.

The product that I’ve assembled so far is here: Right Hand Semi 1. The other products that I currently have are the Damaged Left Side Semi 1 and the Damaged Mid Terrace 1.

The detail on these buildings is fantastic. They are constructed out of MDF, of varying thickness. While they are pre-painted, the quality of the finish and the effects are fantastic, and the laser cutting process used with MDF’s natural tendency to char slightly when cut with tools gives any holes and breaks a lovely slightly smoke damaged look.

The buildings are 3 floors high, consisting of ground floor, first floor and attic. Each floor is fully removable and if you wish, you can have a bungalow, of sorts.
When assembling, the chaps at 4Ground suggest you use PVA glue to assemble. I didn’t have any to hand, but I did have UHU super glue. This stuff is thick and runny and is basically used for vases. I found that it gave me great leeway in slightly repositioning things as they shift in your hands as you hold them together.

The only really fiddly thing I found was the door handles and braces, but the nature of those meant I could use standard super glue for those, as they don’t require the same sort of structural strength a wall of floor would require.
One of the nicer features was customisable damage sections. In the case of the “whole” buildings it can be chunks of exposed brick at the doors or windows, or either internal or external plaster missing from walls. With the walls, you can even go as far as to have exposed sections of brick and holes in the wall.
One tip I would say is hold onto all the parts that represent plaster and brick. You can glue (or scatter) them to the floor internally to represent damage, or if you are basing these buildings on small bases (like footpaths) to glue them to that as scatter terrain and more scenic debris that matches the house!
For construction, I’d recommend a tray to hold the “sprues” so you don’t lose parts, as they do drop out very easily. As everything is bagged, this isn’t an issue, but once its out of the bags, you could lose things.

Construction wise, the instructions for the houses are easy enough to follow, though some of the pics are mirrored, meaning the way the pic shows is the opposite from how it should be.
I was so impressed with these beauties I went and got 2 more non-ruined left & mid terrace houses to use with my new Bolt Action armies.
Price wise, these are a little on the pricey side for individual units, weighing around €25 to €27, so I wouldn’t recommend buying more than 3 at one time, unless you’ve deep pockets.
They are worth the time and money though, and can be used in WHFB, 40K, Bolt Action or other 28mm scale games. For FoW and other 15mm games, 4Ground make the same sets in 15mm scale.
While the set is not very complex, it is time-consuming, so set aside about 3 hours to build one, not counting drying time. I suppose it would be longer if you used PVA.

Overall, if you are looking for good looking scenery, that doesn’t require too much effort, I’d highly recommend these kits.

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