Retrospective: On Determination…

So about 16 months ago, I’d hit a low point in my life at that point.
I’d been in a lull and introspective for so long, I’d finally snapped.
So, as I felt that most around me would either berate me or attempt to placate me, I wrote about how I was going to change things.

I’m feeling similar now, and a lot of what I’ve changed has come to pass.

But sitting down, and remembering I’d written something, and then re-reading it?
Its a short, powerful piece. I’m glad I wrote it. I’m even more glad that re-reading it now has given me renewed energy and determination.

I know people will damn me for it. They’ll take offence some how. Get defensive and say I’m being too aggressive.

Tough shit.
I’m too old for the bullshit reasons people give for the things they do.
Either do it and live with the consequences, or don’t do it and shut up.
If I’m not allowed to complain, why should you? Why are you special? What makes you different? What makes you more than me?

If someone needs me? I’ll be over here, doing my own thing, in my own way, trying to live my life and not deliberately harm people. Unless someone tries to interfere.