Time… and it’s passing…

Shamefully, I come creeping back to my little corner of the Internet.
Has it really been 4 years since I last posted something?!

What happened to the idea of writing everyday? Of getting something up at least once a month?!?

Well… Life happened, that’s what.

Changed jobs inside a company. Got busy.
Got married! (She’s amazing, thanks!)
Changed jobs to outside the fruit factory. Got busier! Got impostor syndrome. Got bullied by a lead.
Had a kid! (They’re great, thanks for asking.)
Changed jobs again! Got busier still!

I still play the vidya gaems, as the kids say.
I still try to work on my 40K.
I’m playing more board games and they’re fun!

So I’m going to try to post more stuff here. I’m paying for this Unreal Estate, after all, so I may as well get more use out of it.