On Tabletop Wargaming…

Two caveats for this post.

First, a caveat for those who don’t play tabletop wargames. This post is exclusively about them and how we can leverage modern technology into them. I will be using a lot of acronyms but the first use will be full named, with the acronym in brackets after.

Second, for the gamers themselves. The post and its contents are my own view points, and not the solution, just my ideas on certain aspects. I’m not offering a magical band-aid, just my thoughts on how we could present a unified front and grow all aspects of all systems, making more gamers. For those wondering, it is primarily aimed at the Irish Tabletop Wargaming Scene, primarily located online at W-Ired.org

Now, onto the post itself, read on.

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Review and Unboxing: Cards Against Humanity: The Bigger, Blacker Box

OK, so it’s been a long, long, long while…

Best start off with something good then.
Yesterday, I received something interesting in my Parcel Motel. (Review about them some other time!)
I’ve been playing Cards Against Humanity now for around a month.

I’d started small, with just the core UK box, but very quickly I added the 4 full expansions.
I finally wanted to organise them, and ended up getting whats known as The Bigger, Blacker Box.

What have we here?
What have we here?

It arrived into my Parcel Motel, where I picked up the longest package I’ve ever handled. (Hurrr… We’re going to have jokes like that for the rest of this article. Prepare yourselves accordingly.)

Oh, Hello!
Oh, Hello!

I wasn’t disappointed by what turned up when I opened it. It was well packed, with air-pockets protecting it well.

As the wind blows…

The outside, was as advertised, bigger and blacker than the main box. How much bigger? Well… the core box measures about a foot long. At 21 inches, it can definitely handle a bigger load. (I did say it got worse. You were warned!)

Unceremoniously ripped open
Unceremoniously ripped open

Once you get the top off, you get a glimpse of confusion and then you get a greedy feeling at what lies in front of you. a large, gaping space to fill full of your fumbled, greasy cards.

Contents wise, the guys at Cards Against Humanity really excel. Aside from a big box to store your cards and expansions, you get 10 hard plastic dividers, foam filler,a box expansion and more blank cards. 50 in total, 10 black and 40 white.


Poking in the head…
Poking in the head…
I wonder what this is?
I wonder what this is?
Do not use
Do not use

In case of the box expansion, I didn’t understand what this was at first. What it actually is, is 20 box themed cards for Cards Against Humanity.

Foamy Goodness?
Foamy Goodness?

The foam filler blocks are there in case you lack some expansions. The fact is, the box is bigger than all the currently released expansions, and then some!

I’ve ended up using 2 blocks, the dividers and more cards as filler.

Overall, I expected a high quality experience, and this didn’t disappoint. There are surprises still to find, but I’ll let you find out for yourself. Just don’t be afraid to dig for it!

Review: 4Ground Pre-painted, Laser cut, Gaming Terrain.

First off; The product I’m reviewing I purchased myself, so I didn’t get a freebie or anything else.
Second, blame Wee Ivor and the lads over at Wee Gamers for this. 😛
Thirdly; I’ve no WIP pics, as I didn’t think to use them. When I get my next batch in, I’ll start taking them.
But to be fair, the pics up at 4Ground will do better justice than I would. Realistically though, you need to see these things in the flesh!

Now to business. At Warpcon 23; (Review due: Soon TM); I picked up 1 Right hand side non-ruined, a middle ruined and left hand ruined buildings in 28mm scale from 4Ground, a UK based gaming terrain manufacturer.
They also have 15mm and cover periods from Ancient era, right through to WW2.

These are all pre-painted, requiring assembly and gluing to build. The level of skill required is about the same as a moderate 40K Kit, possibly less, depending on your manually dexterity.
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Retro-perspective: On Gaming:

Originally posted way back in April of 2008, this post laid out what I thought of the Wii, the state of gaming and the shape of things to come. Its hard as a writer to re-post stuff without resisting the urge to ‘tweak’ it with what I’ve learned since, but I think some ideas aren’t far off in the last 4 years.

So, read, enjoy, and for the first time in 4 years, comment!

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Warpcon 2012: Day 2: Saturday

So, Saturday morning I rocked on up to the Student Center in UCC to get my pass and register. Due to delays with the opening of the center it was about 19.15 when I pitched up to the 40K registration.

This time, the delays were on UCC’s side, not the WARPs Trolls.
Between IT hiccups and general Saturday morning confusion, the games kicked off around 10.30. Warpcon 2012 was being played with the new ETC Primary and Secondary mission objectives. Continue reading Warpcon 2012: Day 2: Saturday

Warpcon 2012: Day 1: Friday

Hello there! If you’re coming from Wee Gamers, Welcome! This is a short piece I wrote for them covering my experience of Warpcon 2012 from the Warhammer 40K scene in Cork.

Just to get a few things out of the way: I’m in no way a Power Gamer or a WAAC kind of person. I’m currently (until the AGM at least) the Secretary of WAC (The Wargamers Association of Cork). And I tend to ramble a bit… 😀

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