Review and Unboxing: Cards Against Humanity: The Bigger, Blacker Box

OK, so it’s been a long, long, long while…

Best start off with something good then.
Yesterday, I received something interesting in my Parcel Motel. (Review about them some other time!)
I’ve been playing Cards Against Humanity now for around a month.

I’d started small, with just the core UK box, but very quickly I added the 4 full expansions.
I finally wanted to organise them, and ended up getting whats known as The Bigger, Blacker Box.

What have we here?
What have we here?

It arrived into my Parcel Motel, where I picked up the longest package I’ve ever handled. (Hurrr… We’re going to have jokes like that for the rest of this article. Prepare yourselves accordingly.)

Oh, Hello!
Oh, Hello!

I wasn’t disappointed by what turned up when I opened it. It was well packed, with air-pockets protecting it well.

As the wind blows…

The outside, was as advertised, bigger and blacker than the main box. How much bigger? Well… the core box measures about a foot long. At 21 inches, it can definitely handle a bigger load. (I did say it got worse. You were warned!)

Unceremoniously ripped open
Unceremoniously ripped open

Once you get the top off, you get a glimpse of confusion and then you get a greedy feeling at what lies in front of you. a large, gaping space to fill full of your fumbled, greasy cards.

Contents wise, the guys at Cards Against Humanity really excel. Aside from a big box to store your cards and expansions, you get 10 hard plastic dividers, foam filler,a box expansion and more blank cards. 50 in total, 10 black and 40 white.


Poking in the head…
Poking in the head…
I wonder what this is?
I wonder what this is?
Do not use
Do not use

In case of the box expansion, I didn’t understand what this was at first. What it actually is, is 20 box themed cards for Cards Against Humanity.

Foamy Goodness?
Foamy Goodness?

The foam filler blocks are there in case you lack some expansions. The fact is, the box is bigger than all the currently released expansions, and then some!

I’ve ended up using 2 blocks, the dividers and more cards as filler.

Overall, I expected a high quality experience, and this didn’t disappoint. There are surprises still to find, but I’ll let you find out for yourself. Just don’t be afraid to dig for it!


There are moments.

Fleeting, ephemeral moments that freeze the mind, stopping everything in its tracks in an instant.
Before, they were unclear things, causing tangents and diversions. Flashes of genius, of brilliance.
Now. Now they are instants of clarity. Slivers of the purest thought. A fraction of the immensity of eternity, caught in thoughts that are briefer than the time it takes for the neural impulse to travel across the cell.

Sometimes, its like being in a foggy room, when suddenly the sun shines in and the walls turn to glass. You can see everything, for a briefest instant, before you’re blinded by the sun’s brilliance.

Other times, its like walking in darkness, then seeing a pin-prick of light in the far distance, that grows slowly. It still blinds you, but only up close. Further away you get a bit used to it, you can use it to pick out details of your own mind.

Either way, these moments, they illuminate. They are flashes of enlightenment. They show you how you’re trapped. Trapped in your own mind, your own habits, your own life.

Seeing yourself illuminated so, it can be horrifying, nauseating or even cause despair. No one likes seeing their faults, their flaws and their shortcomings picked out by a spotlight that knows us so well.

I believe that many people, countless people, see this type of illumination at times of introspection. I’m sure that it causes despair, depression and troubles the mind of someone that sees themselves like this.

It’s what you choose to do after it that makes the difference.

Do you keep staring at the cracks, deeper into them, into your soul, widening the cracks, making things worse?
Do you choose to hide your cracks under a veneer or good works and desperate charity?
Do you choose to burn the Ego and the Id to nothing in the light of this illumination?

It’s when you see a path forward, lit by the light of your enlightenment that you truly stop looking.
And start see-ing.

You begin to learn to embrace your nature, good and bad. Faults and strengths. Flaws and perfections. You start to understand: You are at once alone and not alone. You lose the petty fears and worries. Or at least, they have less of a hold.

One must still live in the world, with pressures of money, home, work, love abounding.
How do you live with these, and still try to desperately hold onto the feeling of enlightenment?

I haven’t figured that out. I don’t know if I ever will.
I just follow the path, as best I can. When I need to; I stop. The path will become clear. When I need to go on. I go on.

There is a saying in Zen. “Chop wood, carry water.” The Zen monks used it to describe a life after enlightenment.

Ultimately, it comes down to choice. A choice no one else can make for you. A choice perhaps, no one else can understand.

People who have made their own choice can perhaps feel empathy of what may be happening, and compassion is a wonderful trait to cultivate, but at the end, only you can choose if you wish to follow the path you choose.

Retrospective: On Determination…

So about 16 months ago, I’d hit a low point in my life at that point.
I’d been in a lull and introspective for so long, I’d finally snapped.
So, as I felt that most around me would either berate me or attempt to placate me, I wrote about how I was going to change things.

I’m feeling similar now, and a lot of what I’ve changed has come to pass.

But sitting down, and remembering I’d written something, and then re-reading it?
Its a short, powerful piece. I’m glad I wrote it. I’m even more glad that re-reading it now has given me renewed energy and determination.

I know people will damn me for it. They’ll take offence some how. Get defensive and say I’m being too aggressive.

Tough shit.
I’m too old for the bullshit reasons people give for the things they do.
Either do it and live with the consequences, or don’t do it and shut up.
If I’m not allowed to complain, why should you? Why are you special? What makes you different? What makes you more than me?

If someone needs me? I’ll be over here, doing my own thing, in my own way, trying to live my life and not deliberately harm people. Unless someone tries to interfere.

Uncertainty, and how it can show us what is really going on.

So, recently there has come into being a LOT of uncertainty in professional circles. I’m being a bit more circumspect than normal, as frankly, its:

  • internal;
  • speculation;
  • may not actually happen;

Basically this uncertainty had led me to make a post on the book of the face expressing the worry I was feeling at the time. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m still feeling it, its… eased, somewhat, but it is still there.)

This brought messages from people. Messages that were either curious or they were supportive.

Goes to show, you can find your friends and your gossips in one fell swoop…


Oh Sweet {$deity}; Or Paul will have some hangover in the morning…

So back from Paul Lynch’s birthday get together, where his girlfriend Grace issued a challenge. Get him drunk.


Challenge. Accepted.

Without resorting to cocktails and concoctions, his head was heavy and swinging at closing time.

Here’s the thing folks. Don’t challenge a barperson of any experience. It always ends 1 to nothing in their favour…

A new Direction? Or maybe just a clearer idea of where we’re headed…

OK, so looking back, a blog post in February on a blog that occasionally deals with the topic of Getting Things Done?
Great way to showcase that… 😀

Anyway, It has been a while, so I may just get right to it.

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