In Memory…

This post is in memory of my Father, Ron Sharpe.

He passed away, peacefully, at 5 AM on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 after a long battle with Asbestosis, emphysema brought on by that and Lung Cancer. He was surrounded by his family, who he loved, and he went with a smile on his face.

He died one month short of his 65th birthday.

Rest in Peace Dad, I love you.

My Mam and Dad
My Mam and Dad

On Hope….


Every time there’s a big jackpot we flock to the shops to get our numbers.

And get nothing. Yet, the hope that we may just win, despite all the odds, seems to prevail.

If only humanity could put the same hope into peace, ending hunger, curing disease and colonising the stars…


Welcome! Come on in! Make yourselves at-

Actually don’t make yourselves at home. I’d rather not have folk messing the place up. And tell your kids to get off my damn lawn!

Anyhew, as can be evidenced, I’ve started a “blog”. Not to fit in with anyone, but more to have an outlet for my creativity that *I* control. I may post stuff here belonging to friends or others I deem deserving, but thats down to my decisions.

I’d say feel free to comment, but I’ve disabled comments. This is MY space, I’d rather not have to trawl through linking comments and ads every time I post. Any complaints? Tough. Life’s hard, get a helmet.