Oh Sweet {$deity}; Or Paul will have some hangover in the morning…

So back from Paul Lynch’s birthday get together, where his girlfriend Grace issued a challenge. Get him drunk.


Challenge. Accepted.

Without resorting to cocktails and concoctions, his head was heavy and swinging at closing time.

Here’s the thing folks. Don’t challenge a barperson of any experience. It always ends 1 to nothing in their favour…

Retro-perspective: On Gaming:

Originally posted way back in April of 2008, this post laid out what I thought of the Wii, the state of gaming and the shape of things to come. Its hard as a writer to re-post stuff without resisting the urge to ‘tweak’ it with what I’ve learned since, but I think some ideas aren’t far off in the last 4 years.

So, read, enjoy, and for the first time in 4 years, comment!

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A new Direction? Or maybe just a clearer idea of where we’re headed…

OK, so looking back, a blog post in February on a blog that occasionally deals with the topic of Getting Things Done?
Great way to showcase that… 😀

Anyway, It has been a while, so I may just get right to it.

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Warpcon 2012: Day 2: Saturday

So, Saturday morning I rocked on up to the Student Center in UCC to get my pass and register. Due to delays with the opening of the center it was about 19.15 when I pitched up to the 40K registration.

This time, the delays were on UCC’s side, not the WARPs Trolls.
Between IT hiccups and general Saturday morning confusion, the games kicked off around 10.30. Warpcon 2012 was being played with the new ETC Primary and Secondary mission objectives. Continue reading Warpcon 2012: Day 2: Saturday

Warpcon 2012: Day 1: Friday

Hello there! If you’re coming from Wee Gamers, Welcome! This is a short piece I wrote for them covering my experience of Warpcon 2012 from the Warhammer 40K scene in Cork.

Just to get a few things out of the way: I’m in no way a Power Gamer or a WAAC kind of person. I’m currently (until the AGM at least) the Secretary of WAC (The Wargamers Association of Cork). And I tend to ramble a bit… 😀

These next few posts detail my experiences at what has been my 7th Warpcon to date. Read on for more. Continue reading Warpcon 2012: Day 1: Friday

On Nerdery; Kindles and PDFs

So my wonderful girlfriend got me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. And besides actually reading stuff on it, I’ve also managed to realise it allows you to read text files and PDF files as well.

That fact was a godsend. So for warpcon, I’ve gotten PDF copies of the 40K codexes I own and put them on. I’ve also gotten the PDF of my List on there as well. 🙂

I’ll still print the list, but this time at least I can lighten the load and not drag 7 rule books around!


Isn’t technology marvellous when I can bend it to my whim? 😀