Warhammer Painting Update: Blood Angels / Space Wolves

February saw a slow down in painting, naturally due to no longer having to rush paint for Warpcon.
That didn’t mean a complete stop. I’ve gotten to the stage where I need to wash 13 of 15 marines. I’ve primed 2 Baal Preds and a rhino as well as 2 land speeders.

No pics, as I never remember to, but I will put some up of the troops once they are all done.

One by one, I’m whittling down the list.

More soon.

2011: The Year of Getting Stuff Done

So yeah, new year, new post.

This year, 2011, is all about getting stuff done. To that end, I have The List (TM). The List contains everything that I want to get done during 2011. It includes things to do with Warhammer 40,000, World of Warcraft, Gaming in general, and things I want to do in my life.

So, whats on this list, I hear you ask, across the ether and the net? Good question. Sample after the break. Continue reading 2011: The Year of Getting Stuff Done

Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rules

So tonight was the first game played with the new Space Marine Codex in v5 rules.
I played against Jimmy in an objective game, pitched battle deployment.

And we had a blast! Jimmy brought Tau against my blue boys. We drew, but Jimmy took the moral victory on kill points.

Moment of the match was me rolling shaken result against a bunker. After Jimmy rolled a cover save for it.

Overall, 5th editon games are faster, much more fin to play and against the right opponent, riotous fun!